250 Feet of Custom Event Carpet Installed In 2 Hours!

This event was for a product launch for Mary Kay Cosmetics.  They were holding different experiential events throughout the country, and called upon us for their flagship event in Santa Monica, California.  The event was called “Road to a Million Miracles”, and the client wanted a custom pink carpet roadway made with their famous baby pink brand color.

The carpet was a custom dyed event carpet with white lines inlayed down the center.

There was an existing walkway at the event venue that the client wanted to cover.  The challenge arose in that we needed to make sure the lines stayed directly in the center through a stretch of over 250 feet of winding walkway.  The even harder challenge was that we only had 2 hours to install this on the morning of the event.

We went out to the event site a week and a half prior to the event to make a stencil of the walkway made out of paper.  A stencil was the only way we could make sure to meet every curve.  Then we brought the stencil back to the warehouse and used it to cut the raw carpet material to match the shape.  Because of the weight of the carpet, we had to create this in 5 sections.  

Once the 5 different sections were cut, we were able to measure the exact center points the whole way down the 250’, and then went through marked, cut, and inlaid stripes every 2’.  The overall build and install took a total of approx. 40 man hours.  In the end the client was extremely happy with the finished product.

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